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We started making our Candied Jalapenos at home, as a way to spend time together. Tara worked for Enterprise and Travis taught Martial Arts privately. From our first jar we were hooked! We shared them with the adult students & the parents of the kids, our neighbors and soon they were hooked as well! It took 15 months to get the certification to do Acidified Foods and by the time we were ready to begin sales we had shipped to friends in 9 states.

In May of 2016, we rented a commercial kitchen and started selling our peppers at the local farmers markets. What had been a “mama/daddy canning night” quickly turned into a 7 day a week job. In addition to hand cutting the jalapenos, we printed and hand cut/numbered each label. By September 2016 and after making 4297 jars by hand, we found a co-packer and began to expand our wholesale business.

Teaching teenagers Martial Arts and having hot peppers around will inevitably lead to a “hot pepper challenge”. Our son lost (He will be the first one to admit it). To make something he could enjoy, we began working on Candied Banana Peppers. They were good, but something was missing. In our kitchen was local honey we had traded for peppers at the market. It was added to a batch and blessed with the words “with love”. Homerun!

122067366_352933952798571_8280596373257891819_nOur Honey Kissed Candied Banana Peppers debuted in the Spring of 2017 and won the 2017 North Carolina Specialty Food Awards taking home Best Condiment & Overall Grand Champion.

Our Candied Jalapeno Bacon Salsa debuted in the Fall of 2017. Its heat is on the mild end of the medium spectrum and we added the Candied Habanero Bacon Salsa for those who like it hot. The Honey Kissed Candied Banana Pepper & Pineapple Bacon Salsa was added for the mild fans in December of 2019.

Our Bacon Salsa line, with something for everyone, is one of our families favorites and hope it will be for yours as well.

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Tara & Travis Moore

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