About Cape Fear Pirate Candy, LLC

13319733_10206978477125662_3627816768288808504_nWe came ashore at Carolina Beach to bring our delicious and additcitve peppers to ye land lubbers! It was a 15 month journey, but from our first batch we were hooked. Over time we began to notice that our friends and family were hooked as well! We sincerely hope you like them as much as we do.

Our peppers are a perfect blend of sweet / hot and the juice is amazing! We call it Drizzle™ – because you can Drizzle it on everything for that sweet/hot Candied Jalapeño flavor. For added heat, our Garlic & Ginger Candied Jalapeños will Shiver your Timbers. Coming soon – Queen Annes Revenge Candied Habeñeros™ and Davey Jones Locker™ the hottest of them all.

Each batch is made by hand. Small batch production ensures our Candied Jalapeños ADDICTIVE sweetness. They may cost a little more, but you can’t argue with awesome. With over a year of taste testing and development we are VERY proud to bring our ADDICTIVELY SWEET and DELICIOUSLY hot peppers to North Carolina!

Try them for yourself – But be warned.. thou cannot eateth just one! And the Drizzle is FoRizzle!™



Cape Fear Pirate Candy is a proud member of the

North Carolina Specialty Foods Association