Sweet, Hot and Highly Addictive Candied Jalapeños™ and Honey Kissed Candied Banana Peppers

On a early morning walk along the beach after a storm, we came across an old rum bottle with a message inside. Intrigued, we opened the bottle and what we found was not only a message – but also a recipe.

The message was: “Ye be warned – Thou cannot eateth just one” and that day, Cape Fear Pirate Candy™ was born.

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2017 NC Specialty Foods Association Awards – Best Condiment and Overall Grand Champion

Honey Kissed Candied Banana Peppers


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Cape Fear Pirate Candy – Wilmington Star News

We were in the Wilmington Star News!

“Three things foodies need to know right now”

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IMG_20170911_164158Labor Day 2017 – Cape Fear Pirate Candy

on Good Morning Carolina

Kick up your Labor Day Menu

with Cape Fear Pirate Candy!

Watch the segment for recipe ideas!

Cape Fear Pirate Candy Was on Good Morning Carolina

Cape Fear Pirate Candy was on Good Morning Carolina this morning! Check [...]


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